A Note from the REPOWR Team

Patrick Visintainer | CEO

For as long as I can remember, my family has been deeply ingrained within the industrial & medical gas industry. After graduating from Auburn University in Supply Chain Management, I decided to pursue a different career path. working with a flatbed trucking company in Birmingham, Alabama. After a four-year stint in Over-the-Road Trucking, my DNA held true and pulled me into the family business -- industrial & medical gas distribution.

My roles within Trucking and Gas Distribution included, customer-facing sales, managing end-user relationships, managing vendor / supplier relationships, and developing innovative ideas to grow company vision.

These combined experiences, yielded one important takeaway: the companies that own the equipment, own the market... and not every company has the flexibility to make quick, high-dollar purchases. There had to be a more efficient way to obtain equipment, without making an unwise, capital-intensive purchase.

REPOWR was born to provide companies with on-demand "access" to available equipment. In-turn, this approach would unlock significant opportunities for scalability and growth without hindering a company's balance sheet.

We are repowering the world's supply chain by providing real-time visibility of available equipment, through an "access to assets" approach.

Our goal at REPOWR is not to disrupt the equipment-rental industry. We are simply refining the way companies rent and lease equipment, by providing a digitally automated rental experience.

My team and I look forward to working with this wonderful network of individuals and companies. We hope that this new concept delivers significant value to you and your businesses.

We are here to serve you.

All the Best,

Patrick M. Visintainer II


Refining the way companies rent & lease equipment.

REPOWR is a resource to help you operate more efficiently. Whether you are looking to generate extra revenue from your idle equipment, or simply looking to rent available equipment, REPOWR is your easy solution.

Renting Equipment should be an easy process so that you can manage time effectively.

REPOWR Vision:

Bringing value to your equipment. Serving the world’s supply chain.

REPOWR Mission:

To become the world’s most efficient online equipment-rental solution by digitally connecting companies in need, with readily available equipment.